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How to Installing DLC & Updates MaiDumpTool PSVITA

Guide Installing DLC & Updates MaiDumpTool PSVITA


1. Install the game if you haven’t already

2. Download the dumped update (usually an archive file; .zip .rar etc.)

3. Extract the update archive into a folder on to your computer

4. Open molecularShell/VitaShell on your system

5. Connect to your Vita via an FTP program

6. Navigate to “ux0:/patch/[GAME TITLE ID]”

7. Extract the contents of the archive into the folder.

8. Extract the contents into “ux0:/app/[GAME TITLE ID]” as well just to make sure.

2. For DLC

Extract file DLC and copy to “ux0:/addcont_plain/” (Note: creat folder addcont If it does not exist)