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How To Install Game NoNpDrm PSVITA

Guide Install Game NoNpDrm PSVITA

1. Download => Unzip the file.

2. Copy Folder File (After unrip) to path ux0:/ app/ Using FTP (Guide Here) Or USB (Video Guide  +  VitaShell)

Note: Send NoNpDrm format content to (If you do not have the folder then create new)

– File GAME (Folder “App”) place them in:   “ux0:app”

– File DLC (Folder “Addcont”) place them in:   “ux0:addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]

Directory and the needed licenses on the “ux0:license/addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]” directory of your console.

– File UPDATE (Folder “Patch”) place them in:   “ux0:patch/[GameID]”

3. You have to go to Vitashell Home, press the “O” button twice, press the Tringulo button “Refresh livearea“.

4. If everything went well say “Refresh 1 items” And Exit Vitashell
And You will find a game Installed On livearea And Done enjoy!