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Gold Medalist

Gold Medalist

Since this is an arcade game, rather than competing in all the sports freely, you insert your virtual coin and get to select one of the events out of the nine. If you do well enough there (coming close to a bronze medal), you can then pick another event to participate in. If not, well, game over. Or you can always insert another coin to continue. Some events give you three chances to earn a medal (the ones where you take turns with the computer), while the ones featuring direct competition only give you one chance. The save and load save state feature is very handy in this game, letting you do events over and over without going through the medal ceremony and rigmarole at the beginning. The real catch is that it’s not at all clear just how you play these events. There aren’t any instructions, nor is the option to change the controls any help, as it just says “Button A,” “Button B,” and “Button C.” If you let the game run at the opening credits, in attract mode, eventually it will start showing some of the events and which buttons to press, but they don’t seem to be in the same order on the screen as on the PSP.

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