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Hatsune Miku Project Diva [English Patched]

Hatsune Miku Project Diva 
[English Patched]
Eng Patch: Google
JPN: 1File – Direct

Patch info:

v0.9 MAIN PATCH (December 6th 2014)

Finished English Lyrics for all songs

NOTE: Not all songs have been translated in the ppf patch (yet)

Updated lyrics to reflect official lyrics present in Project DIVA F2nd where applicable

Changed “Rain of Cherry Blossoms” to “Sakura Rain -standard edit-”Fixed some typos.

This patch uses a plugin to make the game 100% English, if you get only the ISO it will be partially translated, the plugin makes it 100% English, as of now there is NO WAY to use plugins on PPSSPP.

Instructions to install divapatch:

Copy divapatch folder (included with links) into the “seplugins” on the root of the memory stick.

Add this line to the GAME text file:  ms0:/seplugins/divapatch/divapatch.prx 1*

If you would like Romaji lyrics, delete “diva1st_embedded.bin” and rename “diva1st_embedded – Romaji.bin” to “diva1st_embedded.bin”

Project Diva is Miku’s serious debut into the game world. Produce Miku into a top idol, control her dance motions in the rhythm games. The quicker your reflexes, the better she dances. Not only are you involved in all her performances, you are in charge of the back stage work as well. You decorate her chambers, coordinate her outfits and change her image. Let other vocaloids join in the fun, see Megurine Ruka and Jyakune Haku in some of the MTVs. Get high scores in the games and take the chance to see your idols perform for you. Fan favorite songs are included in this fun package along with 7 new songs written by the fans.

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