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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable [English Patched]

Mahou Shoujo Madoka 
Magica Portable
[English Patched]
Eng Patch: Mega
JPN: 1File – Mega

English Patch Info:

Translation project originally started by Traduko Soft back in 2016, they released a BETA patch on 12/28/2016. It translated the extra chapter “Feelings Define Fate” which they said is about 4 hs of game play. A complete patch was announced for January 9, 2018 however before releasing it Traduko disappeared, their website ( went offline and their Facebook page stopped updating in January 2018.

Fast forward to 2020 Carlos Rodriguez (@Carlitos) started working on Traduko’s patch, this is his version:

Chapters Progress:

  • “As If We Met In a Dream…” (Madoka Chapter) Status: Complete
  • “Only If You Are By My Side” (Mami Chapter) Status: Partially done by Traduko
  • “The Wish I Prayed For” (Sayaka Chapter) Status: Unknown, Incomplete
  • “That Was My Only Hope Left” (Kyoko Chapter) Status: Unknown, Incomplete
  • “The Destiny Could be Changed” (Homura Chapter) Status: Unknown, Incomplete
  • “Feelings Define Fate” (Extra Chapter): Completed by Traduko, needs confirmation.

“Tips” Images translation progress: 27/102 Images

SAVEDATA (Enables Extra Chapter)

This is needed to play “Feelings Define Fate” chapter:

  1. Download the savedata ( link is with the rest of the links below.
  2. Extract it. You will see inside a folder called “SAVEDATA”
  3. Copy that folder.
  4. Paste that folder to: /memstick/PSP/ (merge it with the one there).
  5. Restart emulator.

Note: if using PSP console it’s the same process.

You can change fate. Fight against the monsters and witches in the Walpurgis Night as Madoka and friends. The girls debut in the game world with Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable. Form your team in the adventure part. All dialogues are voices by a starry cast of seiyuu. When you are done, lead the girls into the dungeons to fight the witches. Switch between girls, make use of their elements to launch the most powerful wave of attack. The turn based system adds a tactical aspect to the game. Be aware of the magical gauge and the corruption of the soul gems, and keep an eye on the enemies that might creep up to you when you are concentrating on the witch. With the new game comes new story events and scenario, control your own destiny, and enjoy your transformation animation sequences.

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