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Ozma Wars

Ozma Wars

Ozma Wars is one of the first wave of old SNK arcade classics released as Minis, developed by G1M2 and published by SNK Playmore. It is the oldest of the bunch, going back to 1979. It both looks and plays like an early arcade game, when genre tropes had not yet been firmly established. In this case, the vertical space shooter, where it apparently was only the second ever made (after Space Invaders). The very basics are the same as in most other games; you move a ship left and right and fire a cannon by hitting a button. But, instead of having a set number of lives, you have a certain amount of energy, counted in the thousands. When you die, you lose about five to ten thousand from it (seems to depend on what you hit, or what hits you). What’s more, rather than the level restarting, or the action resetting, with the enemies pausing, the game simply freezes while the energy loss counts down. There is no brief period of invulnerability afterward, either. This means that when the game resumes, the action starts again right as it was. So, if you were in the midst of a barrage of enemy bullets and the first one hit you, well, the second is going to hit you, and the third, and well, all of them. So you have very little margin for error in the game.

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