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POW Prisoners of War

POW Prisoners of War

No matter how much I want not to sound like a broken record, I just can’t help it. The SNK Minis do not have the best value for the price. Well, they are not expensive and are often offered with a discount or as a freebie in the PlayStation Plus program anyway. Still, direct emulations with not much in the way of bells and whistles, exclusive features (like software manual, art gallery, or sound test) or modern enhancements are worth a dollar, no more. With the exception of a few gems (only three, actually, Alpha Mission, Vanguard and Prehistoric Isle in 1930), most of these arcade classics would be better off offered in a bundle like they were originally meant to be, the canceled (outside Asia) SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 0. Since these games are emulations, they do not replicate the arcade experience 100%. Hemorrhaging quarters to continue playing these arcade games will never be missed, that’s for sure. However, some players might crave some joysticks. I’ve never played P.O.W. – Prisoners of War in its arcade form, so I can never surely tell if G1M2 did a horrible, horrible job in porting the control system, or if P.O.W. was made with a P.O.S. control scheme in the very first place. The control responsiveness of this beat ‘em up is too painful to tolerate. The sprite does not react to your inputs right away, as there are nanoseconds of delay. All right, it’s just a little bit of delay, but it’s noticeable and greatly affects the gameplay.

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