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To Heart 2 Portable

To Heart 2 Portable
July 31, 2009

Lucy Maria Misora, Tamaki Kousaka, and the other To Heart 2 girls return in another conversion of the popular romance adventure from 2004. The PSP game features a new heroine who joins the regular cast and new scenarios which bolster the original storylines. The game begins in the home of protagonist Takaki Kōno who’s been left home alone by his parents. They’re away on a work-related stint and they’ve entrusted him with the protection of their quaint abode which features spartan decor. After the background story is established at the outset, a girl named Konomi Yuzuhara joins Takaki in the living room and holds what should be termed a soliloquy. She does a lot of talking with nary a reply from Takaki. Although the girls in the game speak with the voice of an actress, Takaki is silent to preserve the illusion that the player is in his shoes. After Konomi’s speech, the two go into the kitchen where she helps herself to a bowl of cereal. We’re pretty sure she’s enjoying the Japanese equivalent of Corn Pops. Konomi can take liberties such as free cereal at the Kōno household and barging into Takaki’s house uninvited because she’s known him since they were children and they’re copacetic. Over the years, Konomi has become fond of Takaki but their relationship is about to take a more serious turn when she she graduates from junior high and joins him in high school. Along with Konomi as a potential love interest, a cast of girls are also fair game for relationships including an alien from outer space named Lucy Maria Misora who Takaki finds lying on the ground one day.

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