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Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3
Apr 23, 2009

Another sequel (albeit one that never left Japan), and another overhaul to the survival system. Instead of hydration or cold like in previous games, ZZT3 implements a “stress meter” which goes up as you encounter stressful stimuli. Seeing dead bodies, getting hit with water or fire, and falling down, among other things, will cause the little blue ST bar to increase. As it moves into your green HP bar your health deteriorates, so even if you alleviate stress by drinking water (thereby shrinking the blue bar), you’ll find your HP level also reduced and requiring either a save bench of medkit to restore. In addition, there’s also quite a bit of platforming now, requiring some (usually) fairly easy jumps. The other major overhaul is now the choice of two characters at the game’s start, either the male Naoki or female Rina. The general story arc is the same (both are university students entering the city when all hell breaks loose), but their interactions with characters, endings, and clothing collectibles are unique. Those of Rina are especially humorous since you can flirt with your fellow female characters for some awkward results. It starts with each aboard a bus, and after the earthquake hits whichever character you’ve chosen needs to escape the tunnel they’re trapped in. Along the way co-survivors Saki and Ayami join the party, mysterious gunmen are encountered, and by the end the usual revelations of greedy corporations ignoring safety warnings come to light. Turns out Central Island City is slowly crumbling into the sea – and in three days it’ll all be over.

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