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Code Geass Hangyaku No Lelouch Lost Colors [English Patched]

Code Geass Hangyaku
No Lelouch Lost Colors
[English Patched]
Eng Patch: Mega
JPN: 1FileMegaDirect

About English patch:

This is a Partial English translation made by Eternal Dreamer.
All credits to him. I’m just putting it together for mass consumption.
This patch cannot be played on a real PSP nor on PPSSPP Emulator.
I have no idea how much is actually translated, feel free to investigate on the author website.


  1. You need JAVA installed on your PC else nothing will work.
  2. Then run CGLauncher.jar to start the emulator.
  3. Click Start and WAIT.
  4. Jpcsp Emulator opens. Click File – Load UMD
  5. Select Code Geass iso and click load.
  6. Click RUN button.
  7. Customize controls with F11 Menu
  8. Defaults controls are: WASD for D-PAD, period=SELECT, dash=START, numpad-1235=square,X,O,triangle)
  9. Intro video is not translated, wait it or skip it. (there’s a translation on the author site).
  10. After it’s over don’t touch anything WAIT for translation to appear.
  11. Play game. When asked to insert name, choose default and OK. (See Video)
  12. Keep playing, every time a scene changes WAIT for english to show up it takes a few seconds, don’t touch anything just wait it.

Enjoy! Still not getting it? Check the video:

Based on CLAMP’s sci-fi/romance manga/anime, this graphical adventure game features love sim RPG elements as it jumps into a storyline set in the middle of the anime series and featuring an original lead character who gets to interact with all of the series regulars.

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