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For the first time on PSP, attempt mad jumps, high-flying stunts and arcade-style racing from the original RUSH franchise. Go head-to-head with a friend in a street race or cruise mission using Wi-Fi functionality, or experience Story Mode which allows you to race through 5 Los Angeles city re-creations while finding treacherous shortcuts and surviving death-defying jumps! Exclusive to the PSP is an all-new Stunt Arena, where players can fly over ramps and perform stunts in the air and drive the loop-de-loop to gain massive bursts of speed, all the while collecting golden tokens to unlock extra content. Feel the RUSH as you race more than 36 licensed rides including muscle, tuner and exotic vehicles! Battle Race: Go head to head with a friend in a Wi-Fi race riddled with power-ups to boost performance, or derail your opponent’s progress. Money Cruise: Players can earn more cash than ever with the 30 extra cruise missions that can be found throughout the new and improved Story Mode. Multiplayer Cruise Missions: Every cruise mission can now be played against another player through the wireless network for the first time! WI-FI FUNCTIONALITY Take on other players in over 50 head-to-head street races and multiplayer cruise missions. RUSH IS VARIETY With improved gameplay mechanics, race, modify, steal and pimp over 50 rides—exclusive tricked-out street racers plus licensed muscle, tuner and exotic vehicles from various car manufacturers. OPEN WORLD RACING Race across a fully-open and recreated Los Angeles through Hollywood, Santa Monica, South Bay, South Central and Downtown while surviving death-defying jumps and finding treacherous shortcuts. PIMP IT & ADD SOME JUICE Spend hard earned cash at West Coast Customs to visually upgrade rides and tune performance. FIRST RACING GAME “STORY MODE” Re-acquire 30 cars taken from your personal possession and gain back respect and street credit through the following missions: Reacquire Missions: Race to earn respect, street credits, and clues to the whereabouts of your cars. Retribution Missions: Steal your enemies’ prized rides and thenchop them for revenge and extra cash. Retribution Damage Missions: Trash an enemy’s property. EXCLUSIVE SOUNDTRACK RUSH PSP features a decibel pumping, exclusive hip-hop & rock music soundtrack including never-before-released tracks from Twista and Lil’ Kim’, plus much more from hip-hop’s finest. Stunt Arena: Show off your mad stunt skills in world populated with ramps, loops and everything else you can imagine!

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