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Shift Extended

Shift Extended

Having an original idea for a game in this day and age can often be a little difficult, with most ideas being similar to existing games of that genre but with a slight twist in the gameplay, and others being so unique that the ideas were good but, in execution, fell flat on their faces. Fortunately, SHIFT extended doesn’t fall into either of those two categories. With its unique brand of gameplay and simple yet effective style, SHIFT extended stands out even at first glance. In SHIFT extended, you play as test subject 12378, trapped in a maze of levels, trying to figure out your escape and trying to avoid the many traps set out in front of you. To succeed in your escape, you have an ability called “SHIFT,” which flips the world on its head, turning black into white and up into down. This allows subject 12378 to SHIFT the environment at his whim to find a new way through the level to the exit. To navigate your way through each stage, you use the D-pad to control subject 12378, which works fine, as you only need to use left and right to move, but it would have been nice to be given the choice to use either the D-pad or analog stick. To SHIFT the environment, you use either the left or right shoulder buttons, and X is to jump. All the controls work well, but the fact we’re not given the choice between using either the analog stick or D-pad was a little disappointing.

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